Frequently Asked Questions



  1. Can I register the day of the ride?? No.  Online registration closes May 14, 2018.  A few registrations at $100.00 each “first come, first serve” will be reserved for exceptional cases.
  2. Is there a discount for early registration??  Yes.  Sign up before 1AM, March 19, 2018 for $65.00.  After 1AM, March 19 the cost is $75.00.
  3. Refunds?? Unfortunately Strawberry Fields Forever cannot issue refunds. The ride will take place RAIN OR SHINE.
  4. Can I change my tee shirt/jersey size?? No. We will order tees and jerseys based on pre-orders. Switching sizes could result in other riders losing their requested size. We will order some extra tees and jerseys for “same day” sale.  You may be able to swap your tee/jersey based on inventory we have at the end of the day.  No guarantees.
  5. What if I can’t or forget to pick-up my tee or jersey??  Send us your confirmation along with a $10.00 check payable to Cyclists for Cultural Exchange, PO Box 3426, Santa Cruz, CA 95063.
  6. What to bring to the ride??  Santa Cruz is a coastal community. It can be cool and damp in the morning and warm and even hot later in the day. We suggest dressing in layers.  Food, snacks, and beverages will be supplied.  However, if you have a specific dietary need, you should bring your own snacks to insure you will have adequate energy for the ride. We suggest you use two water bottles.  For check-in you will need a photo ID.  For after the ride bring cash if you think you might like to buy any merchandise.
  7. Is the entire route paved?? Yes, the entire route is paved, however Santa Cruz is a coastal community and spring weather can play havoc with road conditions.
  8. Can I change the ride I select?? Yes, at check-in you will be able to change your selection to any one of our other routes.
  9. What type of food is provided?? Fruits, energy drink, water, cookies, biscotti, energy bars, pie, make your own sandwiches (lunch stop), and a hot meal at the finish complete with chocolate dipped strawberries and whipped cream.
  10. When can I start my ride?? You can start your ride as soon as you are checked-in and have your bike and bib numbers attached. Remember to bring your confirmation and ID. We will have a staggered check-in this year. 100 mile 7:00AM-8:00AM, 100 kilometer 7:30AM-9:00AM, and 30 mile 8:30AM-10:00AM. All courses will close at 5:00PM and there will be no SAG support after that time.
  11. Will there be early check-in?? Yes, there will be early check-in on Saturday, May 19, from 2:00PM-5:00PM at Bike Station, 3555 Clares Street, Capitola. Remember to bring your photo ID and confirmation. You may pick up for another rider. You must have a copy of a photo ID for that person.
  12. What are the elevation gains on the ride?? Last year’s 100 mile ride had approximately 5700’ and the 100 K ride about 3,000’.
  13. Will there be bike mechanics?? There will be bike mechanics at the start/finish and at each of the rest stops for minor repairs and adjustments. Mechanics will not be prepared to make major repairs. Check your equipment before you come to the ride. A well maintained, well-tuned bike will make your ride safer and more enjoyable.
  14. What is the distance between rest stops?? There will be rest stops with snacks, beverages, and toilets every 20 to 25 miles.
  15. Where does the money go?? Funds go to support our bicycling exchange programs (40%-45%) and other domestic and international organizations with goals similar to those of Cyclists for Cultural Exchange (40%-45%).  2018 programs being considered are Italy, Armenia, Cuba and Australia. For more information about these programs and the other organizations we support please visit our website About 10%-15% of the funds go towards maintaining the organization, ie, a storage facility, office supplies, equipment for Strawberry Fields Forever, computer support, bank fees, insurance, etc. CCE is a fully volunteer supported 501(c)3 organization. There is no paid staff.
  16. How can I get more involved with Cyclists for Cultural Exchange?? Great question and glad you asked. We’re always looking for people interested in our programs and wanting to support our mission of promoting peace and understanding among people of different cultures around the world through our common interest in bicycling. Contact us at We’re currently looking for volunteers who can help us with website maintenance. We’d like to move our website into the 21st Century. We’re always looking for volunteers to assist with our exchange programs and with Strawberry Fields.
  17. What time will the meal at the finish be served?? The meal at the finish will be served from 12:00PM-5:30PM.
  18. Will there be SAG support for the ride?? Yes this is a fully supported ride. Our SAG vehicles are stationed at strategic points along the routes and dispatched by radio from our command central. Our vehicles are equipped with radios and tracking devices. We know where there are at all times. We are able to send assistance to you quickly when you call.  We will also have some vehicles roaming the routes. For emergency assistance call 911. If you need non-emergency assistance call the number for SAG Support on your ride sheet.
  19. Places to stay.  There are numerous accommodations available in the Watsonville area within 10 minutes of the start at Pajaro Valley High School.  We suggest you “google” hotels Watsonville for further information.