Routes 2017

ROUTES  2017

The weather has much improved, some roads have been fixed (sort of), some decisions have been made.

These are all new map pages, but, in fact, the routes are all identical to what we have used the last several years.  The cue sheets, however, have a few changes.  Based on the situation we faced a couple of months ago, it seems to be a miracle that our old routes are usable.

We have had complaints in the past from a few riders concerning the condition of the roads we were using.  Well, this year is going to be worse (in that regard) than ever – what with all of the damaged roads we are using.  But we still think we can do this safely and provide a good experience (although maybe no PRs) for our riders.

Route, link Distance (miles) Climbing (feet)
30 mile 30.4 871
100 km 61.0 2938
100 mile 100.7 5783

Notes: Due to heavy winter storms, some roads have been damaged. They are all still open to cyclists, but may have a poor surface or restricted lanes. Be alert and obey all warning signs. Walk your bike if you’re unsure of a dubious section.

Total washout of Soquel-San Jose Road. (This only effects the 100 mile ride.) Walk your bike past the barrier, stay away from the drop-off, and lift your bike over the second barrier. Then resume riding. Please respect the local homeowner’s privacy.  Follow directions of CHP and our course monitors.