Exchange Programs

Program Description

The Cyclists For Cultural Exchange program is designed for people to share cultures, traditions and visions of world peace through participation in bicycling and travel. A team, consisting of 10 to 15 bicyclists, organizes a trip each year. Bicyclists are invited from around the world to join the team. Throughout the exchange, participants are introduced to the citizens and culture of the host country. Our intention is that participants become familiar with the language, customs, and traditions of the host country. As the team is composed of riders from more than one country, there will be opportunities to share multi-nationally and multi-culturally. The duration of the exchange program is usually two weeks. There are several opportunities presented in this program that fulfill, in a unique way, the educational and cultural objectives of our organization by:

  • Traveling, working, eating, and sharing all the other customary occurrences and events of daily life while cycle touring. There is something about this way of travel that almost instantly breaks down the cultural, political and ideological stereotypes with which we are all endowed as human beings.
  • Visiting people where they live, attend school, work, in their cities and towns, not in some textbook, slideshow, or Hollywood movie, but in real life.
  • Having time to interact casually amongst ourselves and with people we meet along the way about those issues that concern all of us so deeply…. our families, our children, our environment, peace, prosperity, respect, cooperation.