CCE Programs 2017

The three CCE programs for 2017 are now full. Applications are no longer available.

Below are the descriptions for the three CCE programs 2017.

California Spring Program 2017.

CCE California Spring Program will take place from Saturday, May 20, 2017 to Saturday, June 3, 2017. 

Number of participants: 24.

Start and finish: Santa Cruz, California

Approximate cost per participant: NO COST. Participants will be required to do volunteer work for Strawberry Fields Forever Bike Ride, a fundraiser for our exchange programs. 

Paticipants will arrive on Friday May 19th and depart on Saturday June 3d. The first 3 days participants will be in Santa Cruz helping to prepare for, run and clean up after the Strawberry Fields Forever Fundraiser – which is an organized Century ride. This is the volunteer effort that supports our program. There may be home stays during the first 3 nights.

Our bicycle adventure will take us on two loops – one to San Francisco and one to Monterey. We will ride up to San Francisco on an inland route through the mountains. We will spend 3 nights at the Native Daughters of the Golden West facility in San Francisco. The first day will include an optional bike tour of the highlights of San Francisco, or you may choose your own plan in the city.  The next day we will ride down the coast and stay at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel. We will continue our ride down the coast the next day and arrive back in Aptos where we will spend the night. 

After a free day in Santa Cruz we will ride to Monterey where we will spend 2 nights in cabins near the center of town. The first day we will ride along the famous 17 Mile Dr. and stop at Pebble Beach Golf Course. We will continue on to Point Lobos State Park for a picnic lunch and return to our cabins. We will be camping one night at Sunset Beach. We return to Aptos the following day. The final Friday is a free day in Santa Cruz to explore and a Farewell Dinner.

The mileage for the entire trip will be approximately 350 miles (563 kilometers). All roads will be paved (asphalt). This is not a flat ride. The Santa Cruz Mountains have many hills. The longest day will be 50 miles (80 kilometers) and 3200 feet (975 meters) of elevation gain. The lodging during the ride portion of the program will all be indoors. A tent camp will be left set up in Aptos for some of the pre, mid and return days for our guests while they are in the Santa Cruz area.

Day by day schedule:

Friday, May 19. Arrival at San Francisco International Airport.

Saturday, May 20. Volunteer work for SFF, bicycle fit, program presentation.

Sunday, May 21. Volunteer work at the event.

Monday, May 22. Clean up, a local ride to Gizdich Ranch.

Tuesday, May 23. Bicycle tour begins. Destination – San Francisco.

Wednesday, May 24. San Francisco. Distance: 50 miles.

Thursday, May 25. City Tour by bike.

Friday, May 26. San Francisco – Pigeon Point. Distance: 55 miles. Accommodations: hostel.

Saturday, May 27. Pigeon Point – Santa Cruz. Distance: 40 miles.

Sunday, May 28. Santa Cruz.

Monday, May 29. Santa Cruz – Monterey. Distance: 50 miles.

Tuesday, May 30. Monterey – Carmel. Distance: 25 miles.

Wednesday, May 31. Monterey – Sunset Beach. Camping. Distance: 30 miles.

Thursday, June 1. Santa Cruz. Free Day.

Friday, June 2. Free day. Farewell dinner.

Saturday, June 3. Departure.

CCE International Programs.

ARMENIA 2017– The dates for this program are June 15 through June 26, 2017. Approximate cost: $800.

Armenia is mountainous country and participants must be ready for some climbs and descents. There will be a support vehicle and also a train from Yerevan to Gyumri and a truck to visit Trchkan waterfall.

Here’s a brief outline of the program:  
Day 1. Arrival
Day 2. Yerevan city tour (bike)
Day 3. Yerevan -> Gyumri (train), + Gyumri city tour (bike)
Day 4. Gyumri -> Shirakamut (bike) 35 km -> Trchkan waterfall (truck) -> Shirakamut (truck) -> Vanadzor (car)
Day 5. Vanadzor -> Dilijan (bike) 40 km
Day 6. Dilijan -> before tunnel entrance (car) -> WishUp shore (bike) 48 km
Day 7. Rest at WishUp shore
Day 8. WishUp shore -> Martuni (bike) 88 km
Day 9. Martuni -> Hermon (car 20 km + bike 40 km)
Day 10. Hermon -> Yerevanyan Hwy (bike) 25 km, Noravanq, Areni wine factory, Khor Virap, Yerevan (car)
Day 11. Yerevan -> Garni, Geghard, Yerevan (bike or car) 80 km
Day 12. Yerevan -> Ejmiatsin, Yerevan (bike) 40 km, + farewell dinner
Day 13. Departure

And here are the routes on the map with altitudes, distances, total ascents, descents, etc. Please note that the routes for city tours are not provided here.

Gyumri -> Shirakamut RouteElevation.php?url=GPX/ c1d9a325-3fb8-420b-9a79- 087b81d7961e.gpx

Vanadzor -> Dilijan RouteElevation.php?url=GPX/ fe385f19-f1d2-4893-944c- 63548f10f7ce.gpx

Dilijan (before tunnel) -> WishUp shore RouteElevation.php?url=GPX/ 17528856-ce20-474f-9969- 516593d544d3.gpx

WishUp shore -> Martuni RouteElevation.php?url=GPX/ f91366d3-dc02-474c-9244- f63432bbf2e5.gpx

Vardenyats pass -> Hermon RouteElevation.php?url=GPX/ 23cf64ca-9cfa-4e5c-9ff7- 953a461a9e95.gpx

Hermon -> Yerevanyan Hwy RouteElevation.php?url=GPX/ dde6b2b8-422f-4ed2-9403- 4a255ffb01ec.gpx

Yerevan -> Garni -> Geghard -> Yerevan (bike or car) RouteElevation.php?url=GPX/ 7d4713fe-df8d-4987-9b3f- 384d98be531f.gpx

Yerevan -> Ejmiatsin -> Yerevan RouteElevation.php?url=GPX/ c27a0924-e694-4e37-bea5- 4fc108cf7c27.gpx


SPAIN 2017 – This program will take place from July 15 through July 26, 2017. Approximate cost 1000 – 1100 Euros including bike rental. Lodging – indoors, most meals included. Medical insurance is not provided.

The plan is to tour the Galicia region in Northwest corner of Spain, north of Portugal, heading north and then west along the coast before turning south, inland and ending in Santiago de Compostela.

Places along the way which the group will stay near include, along the coast, A Guarda, Vigo, Pontevedra, Pazo de Fifinans, Ribeira, Muros, Muxia, Laxe, A Coruna, and then inland to Guitiriz and finally Santialgo de Compostela.  Initial riding days are less than 35 miles and 2000 feet of climbing, and later days include up to around 50 miles and over 4000 feet of climbing.  There will be SAG support so on the hardest days it will be possible to do less by bike for some fraction of the group.  In addition, a day of rest may be incorporated by using bus for one of the harder day’s route.

Included in the program are:

11 nights of bed and breakfast, shuttle bus for day 1, boat trip for day 2;


Picnic lunches;

Bicycle rental;

SAG support with driver /bicycle mechanic:

English speaking companion guide service on bicycle;

Luggage transfer service between hotels. 

Per Google maps: “Galicia, an autonomous community in Spain’s northwest, is a verdant region with an Atlantic coastline. The cathedral of regional capital Santiago de Compostela is the reputed burial place of the biblical apostle Saint James the Great, and the destination for those following the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route. The western cliffs of Cape Finisterre were considered by the Romans to be the end of the known world.”