International Programs in General

CCE goals include creation of the potential for transformation of cultural barriers into bridges of cultural enrichment, understanding other human beings from different backgrounds, and unveiling the layers of different times, traditions, and places. CCE participants must be open to unusual and unknown experiences and situations, and unpredictable results from communication in various languages. Meeting people and understanding other cultures and traditions should be a priority for each program in the choice of routes, sightseeing, places to visit, and each day’s schedule.

Each program is different and costs will vary.  All participants are expected to pay the direct costs of the tour (transport, accommodations, meals, tourist site admissions, etc.).  Certain cultural exchange activities may be subsidized by CCE such as homestays, folk arts entertainment, dances, meetings with cultural and political leaders and other interactive activities.

If you are interested in organizing a CCE style program, please contact us for guidelines and to submit a proposal.