Humanitarian Services for Children of Viet Nam


Humanitarian Services for Children of Viet Nam Awarded $3,500.00 Grant


Cyclists for Cultural Exchange (CCE), a 501(c)3 organization based in Santa Cruz, CA has awarded $3,500.00 to Humanitarian Services for
Children of Viet Nam (HSCV) to continue their work in rural villages in Viet Nam.


HSCV first introduced their Bicycle Sponsorship Program in 2004 in rural Vietnam. Through this program international donors donate a bicycle to a child and their family in Vietnam. The bicycle sponsors program is a part of a larger program, the Family Assistance Program (FAP).  Families receive individualized support such as educational scholarships, monthly subsidies and investment opportunities. The recipients of the bicycle will learn that the donation has come from an international donor and in most cases they are able to write a letter of appreciation to the donor. The donor can also write a letter in return, but this is not a requirement. This donor/recipient connection creates an avenue for both parties to share their gratitude and build a friendship through the common understanding of the importance of a bicycle.


HSCV has previously received two grants from CCE. In 2013 $2,500 was used to purchase 35 bicycles and in 2015 $3,500 was used to purchase 50 bicycles. This is CCE’s third grant supporting the work of HSCV.


The donation of a bicycle impacts a family and the community in many ways.

  • A bicycle helps to keep children in school. Children frequently drop-out of school due to the great distance they have to travel. This is especially true when children reach secondary school, as there are fewer schools and the distance alone can be the reason children dropout.
  • A bicycle provides a family with the means to carry goods to and from market, which help improve the family’s income and contributes to the local economy.
  • A bicycle provides basic transportation for the family so they can travel to appointments, visit relatives or even visit the local clinic and hospitals when needed.
  • Bicycles are purchased locally, which helps promote local business and the local community.


CCE’s funds will specifically be used for the Bicycle Donation Program which is under the umbrella of the Family Assistance Program. HSCV has been providing children and their families with bicycles since 2004. Bicycles are purchased as donations are received. To date HSCV has donated 500 bicycles. HSCV currently have over 70 children on their waiting list, however the need is much greater. Should funding exceed the current waiting list, more needy children can be found.


HSCV has monitoring systems in place. Families in their FAP are reviewed on an annual basis and as their situation improves the support they receive is reduced. This support is then shifted to another family. HSCV considers the program a success when a child completes their education or their family is able to support their child on their own.


Cyclists for Cultural Exchange is proud to continue its partnership with Humanitarian Services for Children of Viet Nam and our shared goals of promoting peace and understanding among different cultures and countries around the world.






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