Village Bicycle Project

One of CCE’s grant supported projects, The Village Bicycle Project, is helping bicyclists learn bicycle maintenance and provide women and girls with bicycles in remote communities in Ghana and Sierra Leone.


CCE funds to Village Bicycle Project have been used to develop the Woman’s Learn to Ride Program in Sierra Leone and Ghana. The Learn to Ride classes continue to be successful, although some recent graduates still cannot afford to purchase a bicycle. The CCE grant is helping more school age girls to own or access a bicycle to enable them to travel to school. Women are often under-represented in programs to receive bicycles, and while there are many cultural reasons for this, household finances continue to be a major factor. At 20 students per class, 300 bicycles can be provided to women who wouldn’t otherwise have access to them.


Village Bicycle Project promotes peace by reducing income inequality and

providing affordable bicycles to remote communities in Ghana and Sierra

Leone. Improved mobility means more choices, more opportunities to earn a

living and more free time.


This project brings bike mechanics and teachers to meet with local individuals to rural villages creating a community of cooperation and shared knowledge around bicycles. One of the goals is to create a learning environment based on equality and mutual respect. Our trainers come from diverse corners of their country, speaking many languages, and holding a diversity of religious beliefs. They are ambassadors of understanding and friendship amongst the people of Ghana and Sierra Leone.


Many people served are limited to walking as their main form of transportation. The bicycle is four times faster than walking and gives people better access to resources like farms, markets, schools, health care, and social functions. The workshop in bicycle maintenance helps people gain the knowledge to take care of their bicycles, saving money in repairs and making the bikes last longer at a lower cost. Affordable mobility enables community development and economic improvement.